America! How much more can we stomach?

America - watch and SHARE this video now... before it's too late! It's not too late yet... we can take back our country! Contact your local congressman and your senator and tell them to STOP the war on our Constitution! Share this video now! .

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2 thoughts on “America! How much more can we stomach?

  1. Freedom. Liberty, government, Obama, taxes, What does it mean in today’s would??? I mean where are we going with today’s congressman and the representation that we are getting for our votes???? Does our vote really count????? People We need to step up to the plate and take back this country. Obama administration now wants to control the internet, yeah they say in case of a terrorist take over… Yeah Right……… So they can control sites like yours and the one I’m about to put up using this link above! We must stand up and get on this one People!!!!


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