Free! What Are Navy Seal Physical Requirements

Navy SEALs Fitness RequirementsThe United States Navy SEALs are some bad-ass dudes! What they go through in a week - most of us won't experience in a lifetime! We owe them for so many things and the fact is... we don't even know most things they do due to the secrecy of their missions. Well, I don't have the inside scoop on Navy SEAL missions but I can tell you the physical requirements to become a Navy SEAL. And it's tough as hell! Download this FAT 300 page PDF and see if you have what it takes to be one of the elite Navy SEALs. Download U.S.Navy SEAL Fitness Guide right here >>> (Have patience! Due to the size of this download it may take a minute.) IMPORTANT: Hats off to our Navy SEALs and all the men and women in our armed forces. We thank you for keeping us safe!

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