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I admit it...I'm a Republican!

In fact, to be more precise, I am a Conservative - something not all Republicans are! In this category of my blog -  TiltRight - I will express my conservative opinions on past and current events and encourage you to offer your opinion below each of my post. I'm always open for debate and hungry to learn other's opinions. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with my opinions you are more than welcome to stay subscribed to my list and continue to receive cool free downloads. If you're not a member yet simply go here and sign up >>> Now as a Conservative, there are many things I DO and do NOT believe in! Below are just a few of my conservative beliefs - many being in stark contrast to the robotic liberal talking points found on 90% of the 'news' media - MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, etc...

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As a Republican, but more importantly, as a Conservative, here are my beliefs...

FACT» I do NOT believe in tax cuts just for the rich.

FACT» I DO believe in tax cuts for ALL taxpayers as a proven method to grow our economy and limit our government..


FACT» I do NOT believe government is unnecessary but know ever-expansive government is NOT good in anyway for the USA or any freedom loving country.

FACT» I DO believe in a powerful but LIMITED federal government as beautifully set forth in the U.S. Constitution.


FACT» I do NOT believe long term government assistance for the able body is healthy nor compassionate.

FACT» I DO believe long term government assistance for the able body sucks the spirit from the recipient and critically burdens the government (i.e. taxpayer) with generations of debt.

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FACT» I do NOT believe in decimating our environment in exchange for profit.

FACT» I DO believe man is the caretaker of the earth and those who maliciously and irresponsibly damage the earth for personal gain must be held accountable.


FACT» I do NOT believe that corporations,  capitalism, and free markets are inherently evil.

FACT» I DO believe the vast majority of American corporations and their leaders to be good but those found to violate the public trust should be held responsible. I DO believe that the capitalistic free market system is the best and most powerful machine ever to create wealth for any individual.


FACT» I do NOT believe that racial and ethnic minorities and women are second class citizens.

FACT» I DO believe we are ALL created equal but that racial and ethnic minorities along with women have been grossly ill-served for decades by pledging their allegiance to the democrat party.


FACT» I do NOT believe the U.S. Constitution to be an antiquated document that no longer applies to the disgustingly bloated U.S. government.

FACT» I DO believe the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence are as relevant now as they were when first written over 230 years ago.


FACT» I do NOT believe in treating our enemies with kid gloves and that the adage 'eye for an eye' is 'old testament' hate speech!

FACT» I DO believe there is evil on this earth and that terrorist are evil and should be treated as such.  (a.k.a. blown off the face of the earth!)


FACT» I do NOT believe we are a better, stronger country for allowing the obnoxious minority to relentlessly work to remove God and Judea-christian beliefs from our society.

FACT» I DO believe in an omnipotent and omniscience  Creator as I believe in an evil and cunning supernatural devil. I believe the strength of our country is only as strong as our faith in God.


FACT» I do NOT believe America is an 'imperialistic' nation with an insatiable appetite for war and power.

FACT» I DO believe that America, as a whole, is a good and just country that has brought far more joy and freedom to the world than all other nations combined. I DO believe that the United States of America is blessed by God and will remain so as long as He is alive in our hearts!


If you agree with the above 'conservative fact sheet' pass it on...

6 thoughts on “TiltRight! My Opinion

  1. Finaly! Someone with the guts to tell it like it is. It’s too bad that more Americans can’t see what’s right in front of their faces. We, as a country have grown lazy and expect someone else to do everything for us. We don’t want a government by the people, we want a grandparent for the spoiled. I believe that if the majority started speaking out and working half as hard at making their views known, as the minority that’s getting action, this country would be better. We’ve become too complacent and let someone else make decisions for us and then sit back complaining because our country is falling apart.

    Our current economic situation is a prime example. The banks, credit, and lending institutions have gotton away with robbing the american public for many years with their “fees” and “charges” that would land the rest of us in prison for “loan sharking” if we tried that ourselves. Additionally, I believe in a flat tax with special consideration for the lower class workers – not the other way around, as it is now. I feel the government should encourage and subsidize smaller companies (possibly with tax breaks) to provide jobs for the able bodied people receiving government assistance and not take benefits away because they are working until they are earning a livable wage. The current system only encourages people to sit around and not work because they make more by doing nothing.

    I don’t agree with socialized medicine but, I think if we encouraged doctors, hospitals, and clinics to donate time and treatment to those in need, or at a reduced cost, the quality of our healthcare system would improve through compassion and experience. Doctors would become doctors again rather than cash machines. They do deserve the respect and earnings they worked so hard for with their education and training but, just because a patient can’t afford their fees, doesn’t mean they deserve any less respect.

    Thanks for saying the same thing I’ve been preaching for years.

  2. Conservatives absolutely baffle and exasperate Liberals. Why? Because Conservatives appear to have solid beliefs while the Liberal is lucky if he can formulate some vague, hazy philosophy of things. When the Conservative argues with the Liberal, the Liberal feels he must lash out for fear of discovering that his whole imaginary world is just that: fiction.

    So, Liberals preach “tolerant”, but only tolerance for THEIR viewpoints. Anything else is heresy. Just try confronting a Liberal with the facts about global warming and he’ll practically start foaming at the mouth. The mind of the Liberal cannot acknowledge that a Conservative is right because the fuzzy Liberal mind is like a shaky house of cards. If the Liberal realizes he’s wrong about one thing, it totally destroys their whole imagined reality he has constructed for himself.

    So when Liberals scream like threatened children when you talk about FOX News, or Rush Limbaugh, it is because their brains are not wired to accept contradictory information. I read extensively; both from the Left and the Right. I put my beliefs to the test by really checking if they are based on fact, evidence, and not just conjecture and a psychological construct.

    Liberals cannot do this. It would destroy their carefully-crafted dream world existence.

  3. Osgood – you’re joking right? Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, etc… are more like Teddy and Abe? Perhaps the democrat party of 1962 but not these sorry characters.

  4. Most people would agree with the ideals you expressed. However, a majority of the people feel the democratic party is closer to those ideals and those of Ted Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

  5. Randy – I agree 200%. There is a reason America is the ‘shining city on the hill’ – because our founding fathers had faith in God and a belief in LIMITED government. What we have now is a disgrace on so many levels.

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. Though I am registered Republican, I believe that the Democratic Party that nominated John F. Kennedy to be more conservative than today’s Republican Party. I view myself as a Constitutionalist. Today both major political parties treat that Blessed piece of paper like so much toilet paper. Ignorant minorities have essentially made it impossible to teach from the founding documents because there is not so much as a single one that does not make reference directly to the Almighty. Our schools teach falsehoods as the truth, viz.: the alleged doctrine of the separation of church and State does not appear in a single piece of official legislation. (It is lifted from a piece of personal correspondance written by Thomas Jefferson to a pastor, I believe in the Carolinas. Four of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were graduates of seminary colleges. When the thirteen free colonies joined into the Confederation, and later into the original States, there was State sponsored religions in two of the States and these continued after the Bill of Rights was ratified. People need to reread the Bill of Rights. (It is written in English.) Especially the Tenth Amendment. That amendment has never been repealed but has been run over roughshod by the Legislative and Executive Branches (and blantantly ignored by the Judiciary) for a century.
    Everything you wrote can really be summed up in a single sentence. “Your rights end where mine begin.” When there is personal respect and responsibility of the individual by the individual, there is freedom; where there is not, there is anarchy.

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