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Title: How To Seduce A Woman Into Bed
Pages: 21
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Content Index

  • Introduction

  • From Date to Mate- how to take your date to bed

  • Sex up your lady-conquer all the hot spots in her body

  • Seduce a woman sexually

  • Ways to give your woman the out of the world orgasm

  • Overcome shyness towards women

  • Do It Right!

  • Why on earth would a woman go out with a man who is no different than her?

  • Only Superman can pull off the underwear over pants and yet look sexy!

  • Practice makes a man perfect!

  • An alpha male has the access to every chick in the block Find out How!

  • Will it be your place or mine. Bad Question!

  • Unless you are a janitor, get Aztrin (Zithromax), Aztrin (Zithromax) for sale, you would not be able to sweep a girl of her feet. If you don't have the right attitude!

  • Human beings are no different than the animals In Sex!

  • The art of seduction!

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