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Are all the items on Mass-Ebooks.com really free? What's the catch?
Pretty much. If they are not free we definitely let you know. Truth is, we offer the free stuff with the hope you click on the ads on our site (like the one above) or purchase products that are directly related to the freebie. Also, some freebies are offered only at the providers website. You may be required to complete a simple form to get the freebie. No big deal. I highly recommend you head over to our new download page and sign up for the free stuff you want. Downloads on on health, wealth, men only, women only, hypnosis, etc... all available for FREE here >>> What's up with the password protection on some post? It can be a pain but some freebies are a bit too, well, mature to give to the general public without them verifying they really want it.  Other freebies are password protected due to agreements with the freebie owner. Other freebies are password protected because they are popular and we want to 'force' you to subscribe to our list. (There...we said it!) How do I get my password? We highly recommend you subscribe to Mass-Ebooks.com (and the other FREE downloads) in the simple sign-up box at this page. You will receive your password (almost) instantly and you will be notified whenever the password changes. In addition you will receive exclusive freebies not available to non-members. And best of all... everything is FREE! Check it out >>> One of your freebies really sucked! Can I leave a comment about it? Sure! We encourage ALL comments - good and bad! Simple scroll down below the freebie entry and post your comment. We approve all comments to keep the spam out but have no problem posting negative feedback. You can contact us here also.

I have a mailing list of customers and subscribers, can I recommended Mass-Ebooks.com to them?

That's a loaded question. Of course you can and we highly recommend it. We even wrote a small, simple, email for you to send to your list. See it here >>> And to make it really easy for you underneath each freebie post you will see a box that has the html code already in it (Check it out at the bottom of this page). You'll also find one or two various 'share bars' under each post  for you to easy 'tweet' this freebie on Twitter or post and share it on any of the major social bookmarking sites like Facebook, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, etc... We switch them up every now and then but here's an example:


I have an awesome, high-quality, freebie that I would like to put on Mass-Ebooks.com. Can I do this? And how? Maybe. We review all freebies for quality but if your freebie is good we'll do it. Click here for the details on how to get your freebie on Mass-Ebooks.com. How do I know when you have new freebies on Mass-Ebooks.com? Five ways... 1. Sign up here. Get on any of our freebie list and you will be emailed with a new freebie is added. 2. Subscribe to our RSS feed here >>> 3. Subscribe to this blog >>> 4. Follow us on Twitter here >>> 5. Follow us on Facebook >>> I'm not getting your freakin emails? Or they keep going in my 'junk' box? What's up with that? You need to place us on your email 'white list'. If you use Google's Gmail go here. If you use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express go here. What's up with this CBBounty thing? You know what? It would be easier for you to just head to this page and read the details rather than me to rewrite everything here. Read about Mass-Ebooks new Clickbank store here >>>