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Zitrocin (Zithromax) For Sale, To everyone who voted for Barack Hussein Obama - thank you for flushing our once-sacred Constitution down the toilet.

Watch this video, Zitrocin (Zithromax) price. Buy Zitrocin (Zithromax) online no prescription, To all real Americans... it's time to take our country back!

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11 thoughts on “Zitrocin (Zithromax) For Sale

  1. Joker – you are the typical liberal – you spout pure emotion with no facts to support your idiotic statements. Your inability to put together a coherent sentence makes it difficult for me to even respond to your ill-informed, lap-dog, comments. You are yet another ‘useful idiot’ the leftest love having in their corner.

    Please, stay in your socialistic country, wherever it is, and don’t contaminate our great country with your presence or asinine opinions. Good day.


    I think the question you will be asking in five years is more likely to be “What happened to all of my customers?” The majority of the comments posted in this section demonstrates my point that you are alienating your customers with your .

    The subject title and the video clip destroy what credibility you may have had before anyone can get to your first paragraph. I don’t think this is going to change the minds of any Obama supporters and other intelligent citizens.

    Using FACTS, (as opposed to your inflammatory accusations and conclusions) is the only way you will have a chance to persuade people to buy into what you are trying to communicate. And the best forum to accomplish this is a web site that people search out for information on that subject, not in a web site where you want people to like you and do business with you.

    The guy who said you should never discuss politics or religion with customers you don’t know well was a smart guy.


    Your assumption that I, and most of your other customers, do not understand what the President and the Legislature are doing is offensive, inappropriate and untrue. Now you are going to ask us to buy something, right?

  3. If you are really thinking much about America’s development and security, don’t waste time by just suffering the headache. This won’t solve the matter.

    Obama – whether he is a Muslim or a Black or a Communist or something else doesn’t matter, he became president by his abilities, abilities to become a president, abilities to become popular, abilities to do politics, abilities to make lots of fan. We should not underestimate these abilities.

    If you think his decisions or the politics behind him will harm America, why not you grow your abilities and become president and change America’s destiny, no matter how much time it takes. Instead of publishing this type of blog post and losing your energy, do something constructive which will change America’s destiny. Become president yourself. If Obama can be even becoming a Muslim, why not you? If you can’t then it is actually time wasting shouting. If you can’t then his power, Muslim’s power is greater than America.

    So stop this type of shouting and start to build yourself now to become future president so you can build a better America.

  4. David – I don’t need to think Obama is ruining the country when there is evidence every day that he is. The guy is a Marxist leading America down the socialistic path he sees fit. I suggest you put the bong down and see what’s going on for yourself.

    And just so you know – it’s not racist to disagree with a black man. Because I think he sucks worse than Jimmy Carter doesn’t make me a racist…only a realist.

  5. What’s your problem man? Why are you thinking Obama will ruin USA? It’s your wrong thinking habits which is the real problem. Be honest man. Don’t suffer of preconception.

  6. “To everyone who voted for Barack Hussein Obama – thank you for flushing our once-sacred Constitution down the toilet!”

    Heh, this has to be the most racist f*cking comment I’ve ever seen. We’ve flushed the constitution down the toilet because he might be muslim? Yeah im sorry but i don’t remember religion hindering the constitution.

    this is completely lame.

  7. What’s so funny about this is. I thought america was for everyone. I am Hebrew, I am looked at with hatred daily for something i did not do or just because someone told them hebrews are bad. This country was built on multiple cultures coming together and making something greater than where they came. So why is it we are aiming at a man who has the constitutional right to practice whatever religion he wants, why is it that we are making him out to be a villian. taking picture of Traditional African garbs and making them out to be negative or so called muslim. This fear we place in front of us is so sickening. I was at work and heard some friends chating about america. This Water cooler convo opened my eyes. Young people view the world differently. But, they live in the now. The convo summed up like this

    “Blk male-Good, Now i don’t worry for a while. If they aren’t thinking about the muslims, thier thinking about the mexicans. I’m out of the spotlight now.” They all laugh. White male “That’s not true we still watch you guys just now its easier. your all in jail.” They all laugh. Indian male ” At least your not hated for something your not.” blk male “What a criminal?” Indian male ” No Arab.” Mexican Male ” Shit i get it worst, they hate me cause they think i’ll take their job. But then they hire me to work more then you fucks, for less pay.” They all laugh. Blk male “Ty i know you got doe with your jew ass let me get some.” They all laugh.

    Its all strereotypes they dont even fit them. But they identify with them because of how america place they in such stereotypes.

    And who are they all speaking of when they say “they?” The media, White america, or just all of america. I have yet to get that answer.

    Anyway, Fear controls america. movies like this one are part of the problem. We have much more to worry about and we ignore them to pay attention to fantisy. America is becoming weak. The way we can win in every way is to expand our minds and get ride of old thought.

  8. V.B. – I appreciate your comments and in most cases I would agree with your logic. But the fact is, most people, you included, do not fully understand the ramifications of this presidents (and congress) actions. Our constitutional rights are being ripped away daily under the guise that ‘its good for the people’.

    I do not want to wake up 5 years from now and wonder what the hell happened to my country. Please trust me when I say the take-over of health care is only one of many steps on this administrations agenda. The banks and auto industry are now quasi-government agencies. The FTC has cracked down on the media airwaves. The industrial and educational union leadership, despite their members protest, have crumbled to the demands of this administration.

    What’s next? It’s a question each of us should ask ourselves and act accordingly. Now is not the time to shut up and stick our head in the sand hoping that things will get better.

    V.B – I hope you come back. I’ll continue to give you free stuff and we can continue to debate the important issues. Best of luck.

  9. I don’t understand your thinking.

    You build an email list and great web site in hopes of selling something to your visitors, and then you email to them off-topic vitriol which is guaranteed to cause many of your visitors to unsubscribe, like I just did.

    It seems to me you would serve your business (and family) better by asking your customers who agree with your views to sign up for a separate email list so you don’t alienate those customers who don’t want to receive your spam.

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